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You Have the Power to Create the World you Want to See!

 Meet Eat Pray Serve:

Are you driven by a desire to make an impact, and searching for fulfillment in your personal and professional life?

Wonderful! You’ve come to the right place. My name is Kelly, I’m an impact driven blonde “firecracker,” and I want to help you connect your passion and purpose!

Whether you’re just graduating from college, climbing the corporate ladder, or ready to make the leap into an impact career – I want to connect you with the inspiration and resources to leverage your passion and purpose towards impact.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your personal or professional life, all it takes is a deep desire to do good and a little guidance. You’ll be a catalyst for change in no time!

Welcome to Eat Pray Serve – a place for #femspired changemakers to find inspiration, resources and a supportive community on your journey towards a passion and purpose filled life.


Meet Kelly and Eat Pray Serve

Meet Kelly and Eat Pray Serve

So Who am I?

Kelly Shannon: a SoCal native and millennial driven by a deep desire to do something great with my life.

I’ve had an interesting personal and professional journey…transitioning from for-profit to non-profit, and the adventure has just begun.

Eat Pray Serve is a manifestation of a pursuit of purpose. I’ve spent years experimenting in my own little personal incubator that I call life. I’ve also spent countless time in an internet black hole of research – trying to find guidance on achieving my dreams and leading a life full of authentic passion.

How could there not be one place I could come, and find the inspiration and resources I need?


Then the supportive, creative, amazing man in my life, who always pushes and encourages me, said “Build it and they will come.” Seriously…the man speaks in movie quotes.  So as a mentor recently said: “design what you want, or deal with what you get.” So here it is! Eat Pray Serve, a place to inspire and be inspired.

What to expect (not when you’re expecting)

  • A good dose of humor…no promises that it will be good (note the title above)
  • A millennial perspective on passion and purpose, what the heck that means, and how you find and activate it.
  • Resources on how you can take steps today to make a difference tomorrow. No seriously, there are tons of ways that YOU can make a big impact. Whether that’s you as an individual, or you want help getting your company on board with doing good (and not just making profit).
  • Some serious #femspiration (is it catching on yet). I’ll be bringing in some female powerhouses to inspire you and share how they are activating their passion and fulfilling their purpose.
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Want To Know More

It all started at the ripe age of 12…after seeing the Olsen Twin’s hard hitting political thriller Winning London. From then, I knew, I wanted to work for the United Nations, and in fact be the US representative to the UN.

These were some lofty ambitions for a “tween.”

This somehow transitioned to a goal of the US presidency…and then, subsequent elections later, settled into disillusionment. And then with the wisdom of education came the realization that the private sector has real power to change the world.

Recognizing the power of business and capital to create change, I began my career in Investment Banking.

In my role, I worked with businesses that propagated inequality and environmental destruction, and those who leveraged the power of markets to bring opportunities to the developing world. The latter energized me, and I was determined to dedicate myself to helping these organizations succeed. Inspired by the work of innovators in impact investing, I sought to inspire the same philosophy of investments working to create financial and social returns at my own firm.

After facing a stark misalignment of missions, I decided to make the transition to a more traditionally impact driven organization, launching my career in nonprofit fundraising.

“Nonprofit is a tax status, not an excuse to operate as a poor business” an expression one of my mentors first touted when I transitioned careers – has framed my approach as an impact driven professional.

I can honestly say that for nearly 20 years, I have been on a mission to create impact on a global scale. Who says pop culture can’t change the world?

Clearly I haven’t taken a linear path towards impact, but I believe many of us (especially millennials) are fueled by a desire to do good. Having said that…I am not recommending that everyone quit their jobs and go work for a nonprofit. If we all did that, who would fund these mission-driven organizations?

But there are TONS of ways that you can make a difference and fulfill this desire to do more…to do good. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s go on this journey together.

You have the power to create the world you want to see.

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